Rachel Zoe

Recently I have felt like I’m floating.  By that I mean I feel like I haven’t found myself yet so I feel like I’m in no man’s land.  Part of the reason is because I feel like my style is changing and not by choice.  All of a sudden I find myself, in my closet, clueless.  Not like on those mornings when you think to yourself I have nothing to wear.  No this is quite different.  I recently told John that I wanted to get rid of everything in my closet and start over.  Sweet guy was very encouraging and confident that I would find fashion self again.  I, however, am not.  One night, after I put the girls to bed, I starting ripping things off the hangers.  I needed to just clear some space and really see the things I have in there that made the cut.  And yes make room for the items that would be more me! Ha!  I started thinking. Who is a mother AND always looks fashionable and put together?  Not only stylish, but comfortable enough to still look like she could play with her kids.  Then it hit me.  RACHEL ZOE!

The Queen of Fashion

How could I have overlooked her.  Her style is easy, breezy and on point.  I felt like I had won the lottery.  I can do this.  I can have the old me and the new me.  I can have the best of both worlds.  With that being said I have pinned a few of her looks that I’m currently inspired by.  Thanks Rachel!  You have given this girl new hope!







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