Shoe of the Week-Challenge

Every year we have customers want the same thing.  A shoe that’s comfortable, versatile AND stylish.  Two years in a row Seychelles does not disappoint.  The Challenge bootie has not only given customers what they’ve wanted, but has put a little pep in their step too.  This bootie goes with blue jeans, colored jeans, pants and this year’s comeback king, the flare.  It fits every personality.  The tomboy, the hippie, the preppy girl and the girlie girl.

challenge store photo

Seychelles Challenge Bootie

The taupe color has definitely been the easy no brainer.  This color, in any shoe, pairs with ANYTHING in your closet.  I mean that.  ANYTHING.  The silent killer is the navy color.  Some people are scared of it and have the misconception that it won’t go with anything.  We hear all the time “I don’t own anything navy”.  Well this is your opportunity.  Treat this color like a neutral.  If that doesn’t help treat it like blue jeans and you know anything goes with blue jeans.  The navy will instantly elevate your outfit.  If you haven’t heard yet, let me be the first to tell you that navy is the new black.


Seychelles Challenge Bootie navy

Go ahead and check them on online or come into the store.  Bring your jeans or other items to try them on.  We are always happy to help!



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