Trend Report: Over the Knee Boots

If you pick up any fashion magazine you’ll probably see tons of photos of celebrities rocking over the knee boots.  I know what you’re thinking.  I thought the same thing.  We can’t pull this trend off.  We’re too short, our legs are tree trunks, or we’re just not cool enough.  Well kick those thoughts to the back of the brain because YOU CAN rock this look.  First and foremost you have to want to.  No trend, or anything for that matter, looks good if you don’t feel confident in it.  Once you realize you want to try this I suggest picking a basic pair that will go with pretty much anything.  Right now, at the store, we have 2 black pairs that are simple and wear easily with jeans, leggings and those 70s inspired dresses.


What’s great is that once you find a style that works with your wardrobe this trend is actually flattering and slimming.  Yeah I said the magical word: Slimming.  I like that they are showing this trend with oversized Tshirts, shrunken blazers and jeans because these days I want to be on trend but comfy.  I also like seeing moms running around with their kids while sporting the over the knee boots.  Now if you’re like me, short, you’ll want to find a pair with a heel.  Any size heel is our friend.  If you want a flat boot go for one with minimal hardware.  I also find that wearing a more pointy toe elongates me.  Now all of the above can be applied to any type shoe, but especially boots where there’s more material.  Here’s some over the knee inspiration to get you excited about this trend.

model over the knee

street over the knee

mom over the knee

I would love to see how you pair yours and as always ALL of us at the store are willing and able to help you complete your look.  Feel free to call with any questions.



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