Brick and Mortar

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Are any of you like me where you LIKE to go shopping?  I don’t mean online I mean in store.  Do any of you get a high off touching and smelling and feeling the products BEFORE you purchase them?  How about the interaction with the employees or even other customers while you’re in the store?  If so, then why are so many store fronts closing?  What are we doing to ourselves?  I recently heard that the famous FAO Schwarz in NYC is closing.  My dreams of taking my girls there to pick out something from the most famous toy store in the world has come crumbling down.  Of course it’s closing.  How can it compete with Amazon?

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Look I use Amazon too, but I use it for things that I can’t get in town.  Even before I owned a store I tried to support the local economy and would rather have gone to the store and purchased it.  It’s a catch 22.  We live in a society where we want things quick and easy, but that comes with a price.  Quick and easy means you’re giving up the experience and you’re turning your back on hundreds of local jobs.  You say you can get things cheaper online well I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten on Amazon for a product that is actually MORE than it is at other stores.

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Let’s talk about the experience too.  I know and have witnessed people come into the store, get the whole store experience to then turn to their phones to see if they can find the SAME thing cheaper online.  I can tell you right now that Pursona always price checks their inventory online, and with the exception of sales, we are always cheaper.  I just don’t think there’s anything ruder than that.  You touch and feel and interact yet you take your dollars else where.  We hand pick the merchandise and did the leg work to provide you with product and service that you can’t find anywhere else in town.  There have been countless times that we have lost money from cutting our margins just to provide our customers with a showstopping shoe.  That’s the problem with social media too.  Our instagram page gets shopped for the latest and greatest, but then get purchased online at a different store often paying $20-30 more than what we charged for the same style.

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If we continue to shop everything online we are going to loose all our stores we like to visit.  If you ask me I would much rather shop in store than online and I would rather my customers shop in store because I get to meet them.  Yes I like shipping things out and getting new customers via our online store and instagram page, but I just don’t want brick and mortars to be a thing of the past.  That’s the beauty of shopping local and talking to someone.  If we’re sold out of something, ask us.  We can special order or if there is enough demand we can reorder that style.  We aim to please and pride ourselves on customer service.

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How many times have you ordered something online only to find out that when it came in the item looked completely different in person?  Too many times for this girl.  I also love shopping with a girlfriend.  One of the highlights of my year is my birthday weekend when one of my best friends comes in town and we go shopping.  Nothing quite like it.  I can’t see us laying on the couch and shopping online stores together.  For some reason it just doesn’t have the same appeal.  Shopping is my favorite past time.  LOL.

I hope that you agree and continue to shop brick and mortars and not let them be a thing in the past like phone booths and beepers! Ha!



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