Shoe of the Week-Violin

By now you guys know that Seychelles is one of our top brands.  Seychelles was established in 1984 in the good ol U.S. of A.  Born on the streets of L.A. the brand set out to get the modern girl.  What I particularly love about Seychelles is that it wants to maintain it’s uniqueness.  What I mean is they don’t want to be in every department store.  They want to be in boutiques and speciality stores where the trendsetters shop.  Even though they seek the girl with a rare eye, they design shoes that ALL women can wear.  For example this weeks SOTW, Violin, is perfect for the 9-5 woman and college girl alike.  It’s comfortable, wearable, versatile and on trend.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 5.52.11 PM

Seychelles Violin bootie

You can wear these with dresses and tights or dresses and bare legs.  Also our favorite fall staple, the legging, pairs very nicely with these.  You can literally where these all day long without your feet getting into trouble.  Trust me they’ve been 8 hour concrete floored tested.  Ha!  I love that even the most conservative girl can wear this bootie and feel stylish.  The color is drool worthy and the leather is like butta!

shoe of the week - violin - blog

Head over to the site or come in the store for a closer look.



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