Real Job

 When I think about not being at the store for weeks it gives me major anxiety.  Not because I don’t trust the store without me, but because I will seriously miss my girls and my customers.  I’ve been going to that place almost everyday for 10 years.  Unlike many people I actually like my job. Correction.  I LOVE my job and what I do.  It’s actually the best “job” in the world.  I put job in quotations because when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like a job, BUT it is.  That’s what irritates me when people ask my manager of 3 years when she’s going to get a “real” job.  I think it’s kinda insulting to not only my business, but to her as well.  ALL my girls work their little butts off for me and to say it’s not a “real” job hurts.  Why is it not a real job because it’s not a 9-5?  Because we don’t have a dress code except to be put together with fabulous shoes from the store?  Because we have more fun days than not so fun days?  Because we can run to starbucks pretty much anytime we want to? Ha!







My girls get paid just like any other job and just like any other job the money they make pays their bills.  Depending on your position you get your insurance paid and as well as your cell phone.  We are currently working on 401k.  In addition to that they also get lunches paid for, cash stuck in their handbags because I appreciate ALL they do for me.  So I think my girls get just as many, if not more, perks than other “real” jobs.  Why do I bring this up?  No not to pat myself or to brag or bring attention to me, but to them.  This may be a boutique, but this is a job.  I love my girls so much and I am so appreciative.  I feel so honored and blessed to have had such wonderful girls work for me over the years.  We are all so close and like family.  If they decide to move on I am happy for them.  Sad too of course because I won’t get to see them on the daily, but truly happy.  We have very little turnover and I feel like that says a lot about our little company.  I want to thank my girls for stepping up to the plate and for going above and beyond ESPECIALLY during this special time when I physically cannot be there.  Even some of my past employees are coming back and lending a hand while I’m out.  How lucky am I?  Girls, you’ll never know how much each and everyone of you mean to me.  THANK YOU for all you do.  I love you all so so much and these twins are beyond lucky to have each of you in their lives.  Just like their momma!


IMG_5942 IMG_5761

IMG_5552 IMG_5425

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2 thoughts on “Real Job

  1. Well said, Angie; they are the backbone of your business. Always take good care of your employees and they will take good care of you.


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