Bathing Suits

If you’re anything like me you start stalking your favorite swimwear line while eating chocolate covered almonds and daydreaming of going somewhere fabulous wearing the suit.  You think to yourself “Oh yeah this suit will look this good on me”.  The truth of the matter is most of us will NOT look like these girls on the runway, but that’s ok.  We eat Barbaritos and suck down beer while watching sporting events.  With that being said that doesn’t mean that the 2 weeks prior to our bathing suit reveal we don’t start running extra hard and eating lettuce like we’ve enjoyed it for years.  We feel good about ourselves because we think that in 2 weeks we can look good enough to wear these bathing suits and look like better versions of ourselves.  Hey we can all dream right.  Well in honor of dreaming of looking like these amazing models do in the suits we buy I’ve put together my favorite suits.  Maybe it will be inspiration to start on that salad diet a week earlier than usual.  Oh and yes I’m obsessed with Mara Hoffman so most of the suits are hers.  I really don’t think anything else compares.  Happy dieting.

bikini 3

Who can wear high waisted bikinis like her?  No one looks this good.  Or am I jealous? LOL.

bikini 1

You know me.  I’m a sucker for fringe.  I actually have this lime green top. NO I don’t quite look like this.

one piece 1

If I would looked like the girl on the left I would rock that “one piece” until the cows come home.  Probably would never take it off. Oh there’s Angie again in that swimsuit. Ha!

bikini 2

Does anyone wear jewelry to the pool like this?  I would like to say I’m that cool, but all I can think of is how sticky and sweaty I would be.



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