Shoe of the Week-Sadie

Sam Edelman always gives us a shoe that makes our hearts go pitter patter.  Whether it’s because it’s our go to favorite sandal like the “gigi” or the bootie that started it all the fringe bootie “louie” that every women, from age 15-65, owns.  So it’s no wonder that this weeks Shoe of the Week (SOTW) is the incredible sadie.

sadie foot

The Sam Edelman Sadie

Why?  Well it’s a SHOWSTOPPER. You put this shoe on and you instantly feel like you can conquer anything.  Be prepared these shoes are a conversation starter.  You wear these to a party, wedding, or just to dinner and you’ll be stopped several times to talk about them and not only by women.

sadie outfit

These are the type of shoes that made me want to open a shoe store!  Even though these shoes are super colorful don’t feel like you have to “match” the colors in them.  The best outfits we’ve put together have been using colors that aren’t even in the shoe.  We used lime green, royal blue, and even lavender. That’s what’s amazing about this color combo.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.51.26 PM

Stop by or head to the site for a mouth watering experience.



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