My Favorite Pins

The good thing about Pinterest is that it let’s you escape your current world for a bit and let’s you kind of give your mind a break.  Unless of course you’re like me and need a reboot so that you can get your creative juices flowing.  Since nothing seems to fit these days I browse this outlet to give me inspiration for when I CAN fit into my wardrobe.  The 3 things I’m most excited about after pregnancy are as follows:

1. Fitting into regular clothes again.  I didn’t buy but a handful of maternity clothes so the thought of having a closet full of options again brings me so much joy.

2.  Fitting into SHOES again!  Duh!  This probably should be number one.  When I tell you no shoe in my closet fits me this is NOT an exaggeration.  The one pair of tennis shoes I do wear are so stretched out that you can see my socks and the tie barely holds together.  I have one pair of stretched out flip flops that work too.  Not even Yellow Box flip flops fit.  YIKES. (True and sad statement).


(A little visual)

3.  I cannot wait for my hands not to be numb and swollen any more.  Sadly my fingers are so numb that it makes it hard to type, write, or even pick things up.  The swelling is pretty obnxious too.  I figured I could at least wear jewelry, but nope.  I stopped wearing rings weeks ago and not even bracelets fit.

I do have to laugh at all this.  I mean come on if I didn’t I would be miserable and probably hanging from a chandelier somewhere with my shoes tied to my body.  Ha!  I would do it all again to have the same result.  It’s like John said the other day.  Look at all we’ve been thru and we are so close.

Here’s my favorite pins of the moment.

favorite pins 3 (1)

favorite pins

favorite pins 2



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