Packing Tips

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Now that it’s the official start of summer I think it’s time we talk travel.  First and foremost please BE SAFE.  I know that should go without saying, but I can’t tell you how many times people get so excited and eager to get out of town that safety goes out the window.  So please act responsibly.  Ok now for the goods.  I am fortunate enough I get to travel all the time.  Whether it’s a spur of the moment weekend trip or a planned 2 week vacay we are on the go.  Nothing makes me more mad than over packing.  What I mean is when the majority of the stuff I’ve packed goes unused.  I learned this lesson the hard way, 6 years ago, when John and I went to Italy for 2 weeks.  I had a suitcase FULL of stuff.  I would be lying if I said I wore 50% of the stuff.  I didn’t even wear 25% of it.  So I vowed from that day forward to not do that again.  The benefit is more room to bring stuff home. Ha!

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So to begin before I leave on any trip I literally try on EVERY SINGLE ITEM that I pack.  Not only does this reduce the risk of something not fitting like it used to or how I want it to, but I keeps me from packing something that I may not wear.  I literally try everything on and accessorize it.  From bangles to the clutch I’m going to use with that particular outfit.  Also to reduce the risk of overpacking I try to pack shoes that will go with more than one outfit.  I know that’s difficult to believe coming from a shoe diva, but it’s true.  This also depends on where I’m traveling.  If I’m going somewhere for weeks where we are going to be constantly moving I don’t want to lug around a bunch of shoes that not only weigh down the suitcase, but may only be worn once.  Of course there’s always exceptions.  If you’re going to a destination wedding or an anniversary trip where that one shoe goes with that one dress I get it.

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The other thing that I do is pack one handbag and one clutch.  The one handbag is for the airplane, shopping etc.  So most of the time I pack a cross body.  You might be wondering how I fit magazines, blankets, water, meds, etc into a cross body, but I do a carry on as well.  The carry on is perfect for all the stuff that I don’t want to pack in my suitcase, ie my jewelry.  Then I pack one clutch for evening because lord knows we want to take our phones everywhere we go to get that perfect photo.  We’ve got some great cross body and clutch options on the site.  Visit to get your perfect travel bag.

I hope I’ve given you some things you may not have thought about.  If you have any tips to share with me I’d love to hear them.



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