Shoe of the Week-Quiz Show

Let’s chat honestly.  No matter how many colored shoes we own and drool over we find ourselves reaching for what’s “easy” and that’s a black or nude shoe.  We want to be cooler than we think we are, yet some how we always manage to chicken out and play it safe.  We don’t have to do that.  Luckily any time someone comes into the store with their dress or outfit it’s so easy to show them how a colored shoe can really make their outfit along with other staples in their closet.  So for this reason the shoe of the week is the Seychelles Quiz Show.  The color is just amazing and I won’t be hearing much complaining about the heel height.  Seychelles is already known for making comfortable, yet trendy shoes so this here is a win win.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.28.24 PM

Here’s a good rule of thumb.  If your outfit has color in it your shoe can be any shade of that color.  Also, I consider yellow, esp mustard, a neutral so feel free to throw it on with just about anything.  If you still need some guidance yellow pairs best with navy, green, blacks, whites, black and white (like stripes or dots) and any variation of those colors.  When all else fails throw on a pair of jeans and a white blouse with your colored shoes and BAM instant drool worthy outfit!  I’d love to see these on you.  Share your photos of your colored shoes.




2 thoughts on “Shoe of the Week-Quiz Show

  1. Love this piece! I definitely do the exact thing you were talking about and reach for those “safe” shoes. The outfit you put together for this post makes me want to re-think that though!


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