Nursery Reveal

I never thought I’d be as in love with my nursery as I am.  Sure I had thoughts and ideas, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would go and just sit on the fluffy rug for hours and just stare.  I’m in awe.  Truly.  I have to thank my best friend and designer extraordinaire, Leslie Wolfe of Benton Parker Design, for making my vision a reality.   Now if the girls can just hurry up and get here! Ha!  Only a few more weeks.  The only thing missing is my black chair and half that we are putting in the corner for all those late nights and snuggle fests.  It’s 4 feet wide and 4 feet deep.  I think it’s big enough, don’t you? Ha!

angieshower-1355 (1)

When I told people I was painting the ceiling black you should have seen their faces. LOL.  I think it’s perfect.


I take my shoes off every time I go in here.  The rug is SO soft.  I can see us reading books and playing on this for hours.


The draperies close for a black out effect so my little princesses won’t have to worry about the sun waking them up.


The gold cribs were custom made just for them.


I wanted angel wings in their room so badly.  We searched and searched for paintings and I finally decided to have something framed.  It’s my most favorite thing in their room.  They will always have an angel watching over them.

shower invite


My sweet babies.

pink bear

This little bear was one of the first things the girls got.  It was a present from the O.R. staff that works with John.  So thoughtful and sweet.

As with anything it’s a work in progress.  When we have their newborn pics done they will be hung on one of the walls.  I want to give photo credit to my talented friend, John Pyle of John Pyle  Photography, for taking these special photos.

My black chair that I said hadn’t made it literally just got to my house TODAY!  Yippee!!  It was not in the room when these pictures were taken or the blog originally written, but I had to share.  Excuse the photo. It is was taken on my phone!



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