Met Gala

Ahh the Met Gala.  This is the most anticipated style event of all the red carpets.  This is your chance to show your creative side while still having some class and style.  Well not everyone gets it right.  Unfortunately with big risks come BIG disappointments.  If you didn’t get a chance to watch it live I’ve narrowed down the best and worst, in my own opinion of course.


To me this is what I expect to see.  The theme was China: Through the Looking Glass.  So there is a lot of red and Asian inspired looks.  At first I wasn’t sure about SJP but then the more I looked at it the more I was like YES YES YES!  The event is at the Met Museum so the point is to be artistic and walking art.

met gala 1

Some people showed up in something you would just wear to the Oscars or Golden Globes.  No they don’t look bad, but this is NOT Met Gala material.

met gala 5

I’m loving these looks.  Again not super risky, but still VERY chic and elegant.

met gala 6

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress.  The train is amazing and it plays along with the Asian inspiration.  It’s so flattering on her and she still looks elegant.

met gala 4

Some people missed the memo and just thought it was a costume party.  No you weren’t supposed to dress from Spain, but from China nor were you supposed to be a jedi knight.  Look I get it I love star wars too, but not here Anne.

Siamese Twins-

met gala 2

Some people took the theme LITERALLY.  The Olsen twins came, well, as Siamese twins.  They are supposed to be the pulse of fashion and to me this is dead wrong.  I still love your line though girls!  The ladies that showed up in the purple “PJs” are probably regretting it right about now.  I’m sure they were comfy all night, but just a bit too literal for me with no imagination or style.

met gala 3

I’m not quite sure who invited Katie “Kate” Holmes.  I didn’t even know she was still relevant after Dawson’s Creek except for her small stint with you know who.  Miley and her both look like they belong in outer space.  Personally I wouldn’t mind if they went there for seveal years.


Oh you know JLO never misses an opportunity to show off her bod.  I will say I feel she got this one WAY wrong.  Along with singing sensation Beyonce.  OUCH!  First, I was under the impression that Chinese ladies didn’t show that much skin.  Second, what is up with the pony tail?  I think the Fat Jewish, on instagram, got it right.  Beyonce looks like the bride to be in Coming to America.  I wonder if anyone asked her to hop on one leg?  P.S.  Beyonce your bod is ROCKIN, but I LOATHED your outfit.

met gala 8

NO words.  Just no words.  Wonder what she’s thinking looking at it after the fact?  She should be thinking about firing her stylist.

met gala 7

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love this dress.  The feather train is everything and her make up is flawless.  I will say that at least it shows how truly curvy she is.  It’s all fun and games until someone else is taking your pics Kim and didn’t use your photo editor!  Ha!  You look fabulous.

I’m sure you agree with some or not.  Comment below with your thoughts.  I’d love to hear your opinions.



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