Body Back Inspiration

 It’s been no secret that being pregnant has proven to be a bit difficult for me at times.  I hate to complain, honestly, especially because I am so happy and blessed to have these miracles growing inside of me.  I just can’t wait to hold them and see what they look like.  For me, and most mothers I assume, the best part has been feeling them roll around inside me.  It truly is amazing.  Sometimes I giggle or tear up as I feel or watch these angels move around.

One of the things that has got me so bummed is not being able to be as active as I’m used to.  Being active is part of my identity.  I thrive on being the best I can be and excelling in all things active.  You’ve got to understand that from the time I was able to walk and go my family put me in sports.  If I was too young my parents simply took me outside and we did things together OUTSIDE.  I know it seems so foreign to some of you, but that was our family.  I can still remember coming home from school to my mom doing Jane Fonda videos.  Ha!  We were just active.  I followed my older brother so anything he did I had to do too.

My favorite sport in the whole world is soccer.  I mention this because I’ve read that soccer players are just wired differently and maybe that is why I’m so competitive.  I’m not only competitive with others, but especially myself.  If I ran a 5K in 28 minutes next time it will be below that.  No one is asking me to do that except me, myself and I.  To say the least it’s been tough not being able to get that high that soccer and other forms of exercise gives me.

So instead I dream of when I can meal prep and get back to the endorphin high I so terribly miss.  To torture myself I search fitness magazines and follow workout gurus on instagram.  I was told if you dream of working out and envision yourself doing it that it’s almost as good as the real thing.  Almost.  Ha!

Here’s my collection of body back inspiration.  Maybe it will inspire some of you, who can workout, to get out there and sweat it out.  If not for you, do it for me.  PLEASE!

fitness apparel

New workout clothes ALWAYS gets me in the mood to workout.

Rock Hard Abs

Strong and lean.

fitness inspo 1

Can we talk about these muscles?  That girls butt I just can’t stop staring and the girl on the ropes arms.  AHHHH.

Beast Mode

Just can’t wait to kill it in the gym.



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