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When you think of Vegas you think bright lights, shows, night clubs, pregnant women.  Oh wait, yeah NOT pregnant women.  Have you ever SEEN a pregnant woman in Vegas?  No you haven’t because that would be like seeing a unicorn.

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I swore I wouldn’t go to Vegas pregnant.  I said I’d go anywhere else.  I should have stuck to my guns.  I ate my words and paid the price.  Ha!  John had a meeting in Sin City and wanted me to tag along.  He sold me on good food and spa days.  Ahhh how perfect it all sounded.  This would be my last trip before the girls arrived.  Under normal circumstances we LOVE Vegas.  Nothing slows us down except sleep deprivation.  Well this time a big belly and swollen feet would be our demise.  Look I understand that’s part of it, but not in Vegas.  Vegas is for getting dolled up, wearing your highest heel, and staying up way past your bedtime.

I knew it would be an interesting trip when on the first night I went to put my shoes on and they wouldn’t buckle.  HELLLLLP!!!!!  I was already late to meet John and some friends for dinner and now my shoes won’t buckle.  Like they won’t even make it to the first hole.  Did these shoes belong to me?  No way.  I had gotten all dolled up and was feeling like this might be ok.  I mean besides the CONSTANT stares, I could do this.  So naturally I start panicking.  By the time John called I was in a full on meltdown.  I eventually pulled myself together and threw on SANDALS and put a smile on and hide my insecurities behind my jokes.  Ha!

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If I wasn’t feeling huge enough we attempted to do some shopping the next day.  John forgot his underwear (packing 101) and we went to a well known department store.  We split up and he went to the men’s department and I went, where else, shoes.  The sales LADY at first attempted to help and asked if I needed anything then went for the jugular.  “Any day now, huh?”  I guess.  “I’m surprised they let you on the plane”.  Well I’m not delivering next week.  “What are you having?”  2 girls.  “2 girls?!!  Well that explains it.”  Explains what? Why I am about to punch you in the face?  Or why you won’t be making a sale off of me EVEN if my feet would fit into any of these shoes!!  So far Vegas has been AWESOME!

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The final straw came when at last my spa day had finally arrived.  I had been waiting weeks for this day and even switched hotels to stay where I was going to indulge.  So 30 minutes before my day full of much deserved pampering and relaxation was to begin I get a phone call.  I usually don’t answer numbers I don’t know, but it was a Vegas number so I thought I better answer.  It was the spa.  They wanted to inform me 30 MINUTES before I was expected that they could no longer do my massage because I was 29 weeks pregnant.  What do you mean?  And you call me 30 MINUTES before when I booked this weeks ago and have been here for days?!!

head exploding

John was like don’t get upset.  Don’t get upset??  My body hurts.  HURTS!  I NEED a rub down.  My feet, my back, my hands, EVERYTHING.  Needless to say I spoke with a manager who changed my custom 80 minute massage to an expectant mother 50 minutes massage.  You know just enough to annoy me. Haha!

Overall I enjoyed my time with John.  I even rallied one night and tried to get him to stay out, but HE wanted to go to bed early.  I guess having a pregnant wife has it’s perks.  You can always blame her!  Ha!



2 thoughts on “Vegas

  1. My first and only trip to Vegas I was seven months preggers and had won the trip for work, I was determined to go no matter what, I stayed out with the group until 2 am on the last night, but sure hated I couldn’t endulge in all Vegas had to offer. Here’s to hoping your next trip is much better…and that one day I get to go back!!!!


    1. What a trooper Julie!! You did WAY better than me. Earlier in my pregnancy I was a trooper, but this time I just couldn’t do it. Ha! I’m proud of you. I hope you get to go back real soon! xoxo


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