Gladiator Sandals

Alright ladies.  It’s time to talk about the biggest trend for spring.  Gladiator sandals.  I know some of you are probably shaking your heads right now, but hear me out.  This trend is NOT for everyone.  What do I always say about trends?  If you’re not comfortable in it, then don’t do it.  The only way to pull of a look is to be confident in it and let me tell you this one has no room for even a small margin of doubt.  Trust you will get stared at.  Whether it’s in envy or disgust.  I may have jumped on the gladiator sandal trend earlier than most so I speak from experience.  Every where I went I either got stopped and told how much they like it or got questionable stares.  I didn’t care.  I loved and love this trend.  It fits me and it’s only shoes people.

me in gladiators

I love how it completely transitions your look.  Even preppy blogger Blaire, from Atlantic Pacific, pulled off the gladiator look.  She kept hers simple by pairing it with a solid black dress and it worked in her favor.  I remember when we first tried to introduce this trend and we asked our followers what they thought about it.  99% of them were not fans, but like any other fashion forward trend it takes a season or two to get used to and get people to follow in masses.

I love seeing customers venture out and not only try it, but ROCK it!  I had one customer say she wanted to try this look this season and knew we would be the place for her to come and find it!  Music to my ears!  Will you dare to try?  Head over to the website to check out the two gladiators we have in stock now.  The Free People Bell Flower and Coconuts Zeus.  If you’re still unsure come by the store.  I promise we will be honest and help calm your fears.  I’ve also gathered a few pics to give you some inspiration.  I even threw myself in the mix so you can relate to someone you know.  Yes I take pictures of myself in the morning when getting ready.  It’s the only way I can tell if something really looks good. Ha!

black gladiators gladiator story


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