Lust List

Spring is my favorite time of year especially for shopping.  Well lucky me, I’m pregnant with twins this season so guess what?  I CAN’T shop.  UGH!!!!!  I’ve been getting all these emails with the latest goods to hit stores and it literally sends a pain down my entire body.  The worst is getting the lookbooks in the mail.  Those books makes EVERYTHING look good.  I’ve had to resist the urge to buy and save for “after the babies”.  I mean let’s be real.  Will I even be the same size?  Will I be just as excited about it them as I am now?  I mean from what I’m told I’ll be a walking zombie for weeks and I’ll be lucky if I shower.  So why would I want a fringe skirt and killer heels making my closet look good?  Oh and did I mention one of the biggest trends for spring is like my favorite thing EVER?  FRINGE!!!  I CAN’T HANDLE IT!

With all that being said I have tortured myself and created a lust list.  I got most of the items from one of my favorite splurge sites, Intermix.  The other is from me watching runway shows via YouTube while eating BonBons.  Ha!  Please have a napkin handy, this stuff is drool worthy!

lust list

These fringe skirts are EVERYTHING!  I have been dreaming of those gladiators since I saw them hit the runway.  (Please fit my swollen legs and feet).

lust list 3

I’m so glad flare jeans are back.  I can’t wait to wear them with clogs and vests.  Rompers are my favorite thing for spring.  They are so effortlessly chic and flattering.

lust list 2

A girl can dream right?  How cute is the clutch?  I LOVE sunglasses and for now will be the only thing I can buy that still fits! Ha!  These gladiators are so fabulous they deserve a second look!



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