People ask me all the time why I enjoy owning Pursona.  The first answer is obvious.  My love of shoes of course.  But the second is because of all the people I have met and touched.  More importantly they’ve touched me.  Let me explain.  My customers have supported me even when people said a shoe boutique wouldn’t work in Columbus (10 years this fall).  They’ve supported me and lifted me up when I had cancer and now more than ever they support me on this journey to becoming a mother.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 3.45.31 PM

 With that being said I never realized just how much Pursona is a day maker for so many other people.  Yes we have fun with our customers, whom we now call friends, but we also do more than sell shoes.  We give people a reason to smile.  Some just stop by after work just to chat because they’ve had a rough day.  This all came full circle when a long time customer came in the store with her sick daughter, Liza.  Liza was having terrible stomach aches that were keeping her form attending school and doing normal day to day activities.  After several doctor’s visits they decided that Liza needed further testing done and she would need to be put to sleep for those procedures.  Liza, being only 11 years old, was terrified.  The day of the procedure she could no longer put on a brave face and cried hysterically all the to the hospital.  She kept begging her mom to cancel the test because she was too scared.  She thought she would never wake up and therefore never see her mom again.  In an effort to calm her fears, her mother said yes you will wake up and yes you will see me again.  As a matter of fact, when you wake up I’ll take you anywhere you want to go and I’ll buy you anything you want for being so brave and to get your mind off being sick.  Do you know where she wanted to go?  That’s right.  Pursona!

  Liza did wake up and as promised her mom brought her to Pursona as soon as she was released form the hospital.  She still had tubes in her and was weak, but she had a BIG smile on her face.  When I came out of my office the girls said you have a VERY special visitor today.


After hearing her story, and tearing up myself, I decided I had to write out this experience.  I had to share this story because reasons like Liza are the reasons why I work hard to keep Pursona’s doors open.  Even though I was supposed to be her day maker that day she ended up being mine.  Thank you Liza and to all who love me and Pursona!



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