Shoe of the Week-Play Along

Seychelles is by far one of our top selling shoe brands.  They are constantly designing shoes that are different from everything you see out there.  Our customers rave about these shoes and the comfort of them as well.  You wouldn’t know it looking at them, but you can wear these shoes all day long and forget you have shoes on.  What a bonus.  I always love their twist on colors too.  Most stores will buy the basic colors because it’s an easy sell and will apply to the masses.  My customers come to the store looking for the different variety that this and other brands have to offer.  My thing is I will give you something a little different that what you already have, yet it will be versatile and surprisingly neutral.  That’s why the Play Along has got our heads spinning.


Seychelles Play Along

The color is so perfect for spring we just can’t handle it.  Think of pairing it with white, yellow, pink, red, tan and more.  I honestly could list almost every color of the rainbow.  Coral, orange, lol.  So though it’s a blue shoe, it’s actually neutral.  We sold out of these so fast when we first got them in January we had to order more for those of you that missed out.  We did have some concerns about these shoes cutting you off, but the good news is they didn’t cut a single person off.  They actually hit right below the ankle.  They are so flattering and we can’t get enough of them.  Neither will you.  Head on over to the website for a closer look.  Get ready to turn heads ladies!

play along



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