2015 Oscars Best and Worst Dressed

My favorite thing to do after an awards show is to come to work and discuss it with the girls.  I love to hear what their red carpet favorites, or lack there of, were.  It’s funny how our opinions are so different on so many.  For example Katelyn LOVED my home girl JLO, but she just didn’t do it for me this oscar night.  She didn’t make my best or worst dress so I guess that’s good, right?  To be honest this awards’ season has not impressed me as far as the fashion is concerned.  It’s been downright disappointing.  No one lady has stood out at all the shows.  Don’t get me wrong I’m always anxious to see certain ones, but not one person has nailed it every show.  This year instead of 50 shades of grey I feel there was a million shades of green on the carpet.  Two ended up on my best while one ended up on my worst.  Color definitely ruled the Oscars this year.  I can’t say I’m mad about it.  My absolute favorite was Emma Stone.  OMG!  Her dress on her and the color.  Who can pull that off?  Her coral lipstick just tied it all together.  She was jaw dropping stunning.  My other leading lady in green was Nicole Kidman.  I know many of you will not agree.  I hear Khloe Kardashian and Giuliana Rancic’s comments before the show in my head.  I, however, loved.  It will no doubt end up on the worst dress of fashion police, but not on mine.  My other favorite was no other than Cate Blanchett.  Now she always knows how to look classy.  The pop of color against the black was just so effortlessly glamorous.

Oscars 2015 best

The other dress that I thought was stunning that may have some of you questioning my taste was Gwyneth Paltrow.  Some were saying the dress was too young or that the flower was too big, but I personally loved it.  It hugged her body perfectly and the color was AMAZING.  The flower was so delicate and feminine and I’m not a flower girl.  To finish it off her hair and makeup were flawless.  So for that reason I gave her honorable mention, because, well she was worth mentioning.  Ha!

Honorable Mention

And finally my worst dressed.  I’m sure one if not both of these ladies ended up on your worst dressed list as well.  Lady Gaga.  I just can’t.  Kelly Osborne said this is what we expect from her.  My problem with that statement is if you’re going to be a fashion critic then call it like you see it.  It’s either good or its bad.  There’s no “Well this is what we expect from her”.  Are you kidding.  I also hate it when Kelly won’t objectively critic because “It’s the best they’ve looked on the carpet”.  Kelly, is it good or not?  I don’t know why we take your fashion critics serious anyway.  You have purple hair and I’ve never liked anything you have worn.  There I said it.  Joan may have loved you and for that I will give you a slight pass.  Back to Lady Gaga.  You’re thinking it too.  She’s going to go home and wash dishes for her new fiance immediately following the show.  Way to be ahead of the game Gaga and show em you’ll be a good wife.  Oh and Scarlett.  You are usually so stunning and drop dead gorgeous with your curves, but girl you missed the mark by a long shot this time.  The color, I will say, was beautiful on her, but good God.  What is the deal with the dress AND the necklace.  No bueno.

Worst dresses oscars 2015

And there you have it.  My best, worst, and honorably dressed for the 2015 Oscars.  Please feel free to shoot me a message with you picks and whether or not you agree with my list.  Thanks for reading!



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