The further along I get with my pregnancy the more I catch myself daydreaming about my little girls.  What will they look like? What kind of personalities will they have? Will they play soccer?  Will they love to play dress up and Barbies like I did?  I find that if I’m not distracted by work or other things I’m thinking about them.  I often find myself wondering if they’ll have a love of fashion like I do.  I totally picture them in tutus, striped tights and a rocker t-shirt! Ha!  This is what I see, but I also want them to have freedom to dress themselves.  I want them to express themselves and find out who they are.  Fashion is an expression of yourself so I want to influence them, but just enough that they find their own way.  If they’re tomboys I’m completely ok with that too.  I love sports and joke that there better be at least one soccer player in there.  Ok, so maybe I’m not joking.  Maybe I really want at least one to play.  LOL.  I also hope that my girls will be best friends, yet feel free to have different friend groups.  I don’t want them to feel restricted.  Only because one is doing something doesn’t mean the other has to too.  Basically even though they are twins I want them to be individuals.  Maybe all twin parents feel this way.  Overall I just want the best for them and want them to feel safe and loved.

I absolutely cannot wait to see them and see what they’re going to look like.  They’ll be here in 90 days, if not sooner, and I just can’t contain my excitement!  EEEK!




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