Life As You Know It

I read an article recently, that a friend sent to me, about how people warn you that when you have a baby, or in my case babies, your life is basically over.  Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 5.51.19 PM

I am under no false pretenses that this is going to be easy or that things won’t change.  We obviously won’t be able to just pick up and fly to New York in 2 hours UNLESS some major bribing of the parents and friends take place.  That in itself will take more than two hours.  So what’s my point? My point is everyone is different.  Everyone’s situation is different and how they handle what gets thrown at them is different.  So instead of people telling us to “enjoy it while we can” because when children get here we will no longer be able to go on trips, out to dinner, exercise, get a pedicure or whatever else we “won’t” be doing once they’re here.

IMG_4805 IMG_4806

Try telling us how much we are going to love our babies.  Try saying how much joy they will bring that if we do have to “give up something” that we won’t even notice because we will be so overjoyed by their presence that we won’t even remember what we “gave up”.  Try telling me that I will love my husband even more than I already do and the sweet things he is doing and saying now during this special time will pale in comparison to how he’ll be when he is with our precious girls.


No I have no idea what we’re getting into and yes I’m overwhelmed, but I promise we are ready and waiting with open arms for this new adventure that he and I will take together.  The best part is we’ll have 2 little side kicks to enjoy the ride with!



4 thoughts on “Life As You Know It

  1. I think those people forget what it is like to have newborn(s). It’s exhausting and draining but it is so,so beautiful. You’re going to be an amazing mommy Angie, and you and those girls will get pedicures together, and travel, and play soccer. And life will be totally different but not because you’re getting “less” out of life but because you’re getting so much more. I am so happy for you!!


  2. i LOVE this post! i used to always be amazed when i would hear people tell pregnant women all their “horror stories” of their pregnancies and deliveries….. as though that is what someone wants to hear when you’re pregnant! and i had my oldest, amanda, right about the time they were coming out with all the wonderful paperwork you have to sign whenever you have any medical procedure. i remember reading it and asking my dad…… who is an OB/GYN….. “why on earth would you ever give this to a pregnant woman to read when it contains such horrible things that can happen”? he said, “it’s all legal/insurance purposes now. but, it’s not like if you don’t sign it, that baby isn’t going to come on out anyway”! angie, you just smile when people tell you these things. this is a beautiful, wonderful miracle you, AND john, are getting to experience. you enjoy every moment of it. if you don’t leave your house for the first year who cares! but, i would imagine….. knowing you….. your little girls will have the best designer bags and will be ready to go just like you! i always had a tradition with each of my girls. at one month they went for a check up, we went with my mom to the country club for lunch and then we went to this little gift shop (no longer open) called “the gazebo” and shopped. after that….. wherever i went, they went! i have a feeling your little ones will be well known in your store and heck…. maybe even have frequent flier miles of their own! and, if you need a sitter for NYC….. i’ve got miles of my own!!
    i love you!! kiki


  3. Kiki, Thank you so much for this message. You made me smile from ear to ear with excitement and possibility. Your positivity is so encouraging and hey save those miles! 😉 Love you so much friend! xoxo


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