Shoe of the Week-Copertina

I have raved and raved about the Chinese Laundry by Kristin Cavallari line since it’s launch.  Besides high end designers, I think her line is the most stylish, chic and beautiful.  Since her launch she has included the Copertina in her collection.  We have literally had it in so many colors.  We’ve had mint green, gray, fuchsia, leopard and now this amazing yellow.


Shop the Copertina HERE

Don’t let this high heel fool you.  It’s actually comfy.  The cut is so flattering on every foot.  I’m sorry, but have you EVER seen a yellow shoe that looks this good?  Google yellow shoes or pumps and unless you want to pay upwards of $700 don’t even bother.

photo (3)

You’re scared they won’t look good on your pale skin?  Think again.  This shade has actually made more pale skin’s look good than airbrush photoshop.  Great thing is wear it now during this transition with black leather pants or tights and then later with white shorts, dresses and of course you can always throw it on with jeans.  If this doesn’t get you in the mood for spring and get you out of the winter blues then girls, I can’t help you. Ha!

photo (1)



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