Super Bowl Commercials

Ok last time I’ll talk about the Super Bowl.  Until next year! Ha! Well not exactly the game itself, but the commercials.  What did you guys think?  Well for me I didn’t think this year had the fun, funny ones.  You know the lighthearted, cheesy commercials we wait all year for.  What happened?  I’ll tell you what happened.  Someone got together with someone else and said let’s tug at heartstrings this year guys.  I was blaming my pregnant hormones until one of the girls at work said she and her mom kept tearing up and out right crying at others.  Good to know I’m somewhat normal and the invasion of aliens hadn’t taken over my body completely.  I mean the nationwide commercial about the #1 cause of childhood deaths is preventable accidents.  People I’m about to welcome little girls into the world and this is what you throw at me.  I can’t imagine you moms out there already and the feeling you must have had.

How about the CocoCola hate commercial?  Sure they turned a negative into a positive, but that scene where the little boy got the post saying “No one likes you” pretty much did me in.  I about died.

The fight like a girl was so cute, yet so sad at the same time.  It’s so interesting how children’s perceptions are so different from adults and how the commercial showed how much the outside environment affects how we feel about ourselves.  Here’s hoping my girls will fight like a girl their whole lives.

Some commercials were down right inspiring.  The camry commercial with the drop dead GORGEOUS amputi that is a professional snowboarder.  If that didn’t make you want to get up and do something great I don’t know what will.  That girl changed my life in 30 secs.  I’m not ever complaining again.  Well, as much!

Then there were the ones that literally made me laugh out loud.  The “viagra” fiat commercial and the dorito commercial we my favorite as far as comedy goes.  Way to be clever.  Those marketers need to give themselves a pat on the back.

Of course the Budweiser commercial with the puppy had me crying BEFORE the coyote/wolf even got involved.

Over all I enjoyed the whole Super Bowl experience with my husband.  We snuggled on the couch and watch from start to finish.  The game couldn’t have been any better as far as competition goes.  It was so good.  I can’t say enough about Katy Perry’s halftime show.  Missy is from my era so you know I was definitely getting down and Lenny has had my heart for years.  Does that man age?  I know many of you didn’t like the Katy’s performance, but I LOVED it.  Her entrance was by far the BEST of any halftime show.  You go girl.  You’re creativity definitely shined thru.

Let me know your thoughts on the commercials!



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