St. Barts

Every year we anticipate Christmas and New Year and get ourselves all worked up over it. We’re so caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all that before we know it, it’s over and we’re exhausted. LOL. So, to “recover” from all the rush, my husband and I take a winter vacay after Christmas every year. Sometimes we go alone and sometimes we go with family or friends. This year we decided to go to St. Barts (our favorite getaway) with my best friend/college roommate, Ashley and her husband Nick and another amazing couple, Patricia and John.



We spent 9 days in sunny, warm paradise where I had to keep pinching myself to remind me it was real. I want to tell you though, it was fun, but so different being pregnant. It’s different because all you wanted to do was relax and be the beach whale all day, but the other 5 wanted to let loose and enjoy day parties and late night dancing. Not that I blame them.



That’s always my objective too and well, it kinda was. I surprised myself in that several nights I stayed out til 1 am and on NYE stayed out til 3! I also was the first to dance on tables during the day. What was my alternative, to be a bump on a log? No way! I wasn’t going to be that girl.


I made sure I was fun and never complained a bit. I never took naps and went with the flow the whole time. I did stay in one night while the rest of the group, including my husband (insert eye roll here), went to a house party. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy and genuinely wanted him to have a good time and enjoy himself, BUT at the same time if I’ve been a trooper and compromiser of the year, don’t you think he could have stayed home ONE night or at least not have been perturbed when I called him at MIDNIGHT to come home to his PREGNANT wife? I would like to say it was the hormones talking, but was it? LOL. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is amazing and rubs my feet every night (thank god). I was just, well, pregnant and lonely. Haha! I like that the group kept calling me a trooper and were pleasantly surprised that I didn’t slow them down, but honestly I just wanted one day to do NOTHING.


Overall it was a fantastic trip and I love that I got to spend time with Ashley. She’s always so positive and uplifting. Every time I’m around her she makes me want to be a better person. Physically and emotionally. I can’t wait for our next trip. It’s always a fun adventure!






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