Christmas Too Early

I am one of those people that feel you can’t start Christmas until after Thanksgiving. We can’t skip on over the best holiday ever. So, I don’t play Christmas music or put up so much as a wreath until the week AFTER Thanksgiving.




I have broken my own rule this year. I may or may not have put up ALL my decorations the week BEFORE Thanksgiving. Why did I break my own rule? Well, I feel I have good reason. Last year we had just finished our third home remodel that took well over a year. When it was finally livable, it was only 2 weeks before Christmas and we wanted to enjoy our finished masterpiece. So this year, I say I’m going all out to make up for lost time.


I’m even going to get a pink Christmas tree. That’s right, pink. Why you ask? Because that’s me and let me tell you, pink Christmas trees larger than 3 feet do not exist. I guess they feel only a little girl would want a pink tree. LOL. My house looks beautiful and every time I come in at night it immediately puts a smile on my face and I’m thrown into a euphoric state.


There’s definitely something in the air during the holidays. My house would never have been this perfect if it wasn’t for my designer extraordinaire, Leslie Wolfe of Benton Parker Design.



Guys, she’s amazing. I mean look at my decorations. A-MAZ-ING! If you like my festive décor, you should see how she transformed my house. I still have to pinch myself and say I live here. This is my house. It’s all because of this talented designer.





Follow her on instagram @bentonparkerdesign. Leslie belongs in magazines and designing for famous people. Well she kinda has. She did do “One call that’s all” Ken Nugent’s place and continues to do all his homes and work spaces. I’ll share my house in future posts and you can be the judge, but I’m willing to bet you will agree with me.

Enjoy my holiday pics. Merry Christmas and Happy Everything!



4 thoughts on “Christmas Too Early

  1. Speechless……You are too kind!!!! My work has evolved tremendously because of your amazing style.
    Love, Love, Love. What an honor!!!!


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