Transitional Style Guide


I don’t know about you guys, but when the weather is wishy washy, I never know what to wear. It’s cold in the morning and blazing by the afternoon. Even if we have a few consistently cold days, the days following will be back up in the 70s leaving me to put up my leather leggings and sweaters for just a bit longer. So what do I do?


I want to dress in-season, but don’t want to burn up or catch the flu. My go-to for transitional weather is a scarf. The scarf, which looks like it hardly has any fabric, packs quite the punch. A good scarf keeps you warm when you need it to (aka the morning) and stylish in the afternoon when the weather has warmed up. I love scarves too because they make great accessories to any outfit. Sometimes I feel I need something else with what I have on, but layering necklaces just doesn’t quite do it. So I throw on a scarf and bam.


Problem solved. Luckily booties are all the rage right now because booties make great transitional pieces. Tall boots sometimes are just too warm to wear when it’s not cold unless you are wearing them with a dress. The perfect solution is booties.


In this look I also wore a lightweight wrap that I could shed midday if needed.


I finished my look with this purse and stackable bracelets available in the store. I hope my transitional style guide has helped you as much as it helps me when I can’t decide what to wear. Let me know if have you any tips.

Shoes. Handbag (shop similar here)



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