Throwing Out Shoes

I have a lot of shoes.


There, I said it. I understand I have a major problem and come by it honestly. My mom is a major shoe addict herself. Add in the fact that I own a shoe boutique and BAM! Makes one hell of a shoe collection.

shoe closet

With that being said, there comes a time in every shoe owner’s life where you have to start, well, getting rid of shoes. I didn’t want to acknowledge it, but it’s true. You’ve either worn them too much that your favorite shoe repair place will no longer resole them or they’re just so out of style that you can’t even see this trend coming back around. If you did, you wouldn’t go there again, Ha! The worst is when sadly, they just don’t fit anymore (boo).


For me, getting rid of shoes is the hardest thing. Do you guys agree? I can easily get rid of a top or jeans and as a matter of fact, every time I get a new article of clothing, I make myself get rid of something that I haven’t worn in several seasons or know I’m not going to wear again. Of course there are exceptions, but shoes are a completely different story. Hell, I have a pair of shoes in my closet now that one of the straps is missing and I won’t ever be able to wear them, yet they stay strong on the shelf. This includes tennis shoes. I have some I haven’t worn in years.

high fashion

I think this applies to men too. I was shocked when my husband got rid of 10 pairs of the same running shoe. No, like the SAME EXACT brand and model version. LOL. He asked what to do with them and of course we donated them, but gosh, it got me thinking, are shoes more valuable than clothes? Does it depend on the person? I don’t know? John isn’t a shoe freak and he held tight to those worn, unused pairs.


What is it about shoes that makes it hard to cut the umbilical cord?

pumped up kicks

A mystery that will continue to go unsolved. Ha!



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