Instagram Reality

Do you guys feel that Instagram and other social media platforms are ruining our perception on actual reality? How many of us look to fashion bloggers to see what they’re wearing and then all of a sudden our closets are not worth a damn (myself included)?


I have a closet full of stuff and used to put an outfit together better than the average folk because of my obsession with fashion bloggers. I now second guess myself and feel that any outfit I put together is insufficient. Sad. I’m constantly seeking approval to make sure I haven’t “messed up” my attire for the day. My confidence level has been brought down and I just don’t feel up to par. When did this happen? Why am I letting someone with “street style” dictate whether or not I’m worthy? Sure, it’s okay to get advice or inspiration from said bloggers but not okay to base our whole existence on someone else’s interpretation of fashion.


Most of the posts you see on bloggers pages are so far from reality. You see popular blogs make everything seem so attainable but they don’t let you in on their secret. They are gifted. Everything they blog about. While you and I are trying to attain their seemingly amazing life, they are being mailed countless goods to sell you a story. Hey, I’m not complaining nor am I yelling “not fair” (well maybe a little). Good for them, truly.

I’m just telling you like it is so that next time you think your life doesn’t measure up, remember there’s a large gap between the cost of luxury items frequently displayed on Instagram and the real life earnings of these people.

People in the fashion world seem to make gazillions of dollars but in fact, the average is somewhere between $35,000-$66,000. I personally would take that salary and all the BS if it meant being gifted free shoes and handbags. Hell, I already work to support my habit. Ha! So I’m going to try a little experiment. I’m going to cut out instagram, or at least cut down to see if the cloud over my creativity is lifted. If it works, I will be so delighted. If not, I’m in big trouble! Ha!



One thought on “Instagram Reality

  1. Love it Angie – and so very true. Love your honesty!
    Most dont know that many of bloggers are gifted a huge allowance for pushing a specific clothing site and spend money on an outfit that cost more than some make in a whole week! (Also a true statement for home decor bloggers) I think we gals gotta have a few great, knock your socks off, cool unique pieces and build from there.


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