Vegan Diet

OMG have you seen Jennifer Lopez lately? She graced us with her presence at the VMA awards and I about died.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

Is this person human? She is 44 isn’t she? I have NEVER seen her look better. Like EVER. What is she doing? I’ve always thought she was hot, but man oh man she was on fire. So naturally, I did what anyone of us obsessed beings would do. I Googled it. Sure enough, she went on the 22 day vegan challenge. The same one that Beyonce and JayZ did. The SAME one.


I was online for about an hour just reading post after post and flipping through all these pics of her. She said she did it to get rid of the “really stubborn 8-10 pounds”. After just shy of an hour, I too decided to go vegan and do the 22 day challenge. I mean I am convinced. Look at her.

Let’s back up thought. I am already vegetarian and eat fish on occasion so this shouldn’t be too hard. UMMMM…yeah it is. I am day 2 people and I concur with Jennifer’s “it was a struggle”. She admitted that looking good is part of her job. Why am I doing this again? Oh that’s right, to feel better about myself. I’ve been feeling old lately. The realization that I am no longer in my 20s and that I’m closer to 40 has definitely sunk in. So if this non-human can look BETTER in her 40’s, well geez, I can too. I also told myself it’s ONLY 22 days. Ugh. Day two.


At this point, many of the things I’ve eaten are good and some have been thrown right down the garbage disposal. JLo said she got her twins involved too and her son’s complaint was he wanted regular cheese back. Ha! Well good ol Johnny D said he would do the dinners with me. He would do it all, but we are not together during the day. I understand John. Why eat this way if you already have rock hard abs. Sigh.


I read up on the vegan diet and basically dairy, gluten and animal are all the route to our health issues. Like all of them. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stomach issues and much more. They say you are what you eat. Look, I’m not saying I’ll never eat eggs and biscuits again, I’m just saying I’m going to give this a go and see how I feel. You can’t deny how good she looks and she says it comes from the inside because while she looks good, she feels good. I hear ya sista wig. Now if you could send your chef over to my house, I think that may help things. Ha! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Now the interesting part. I’m curious to see how many of my readers have faith in me. Comment below with your bet on how long I make it!



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