Ohhh…It’s New!


We girls just can’t stick with what we have for too long can we? I’m in the shoe business so I know better than anyone. A go-to classic pump can become yesterday’s thrill the instant a new pump, usually almost identical to the pair you already own, crosses your path! Perhaps your not an accessory gal – I would put money on it that you have been thinking about updates or a remodel for your kitchen or bathroom?  Ladies are known for multitasking so mixing things up, whatever your thing is, simply comes natural to us.

The blogger itch got me a couple of weeks ago so. f you’re one who doesn’t like change, no need to fear. Many readers have commented on the posts I write about including my personal life, travels, current diet, etc. Those are here to stay but I’ve listed below some changes you can expect to see:

1. Home page with a place to highlight content or products from the store that I’m currently excited about!

2. New Arrivals slideshow on the blog page sidebar that will stay up to date with the latest greatest.

3. Live Instagram feed on the blog’s sidebar showcasing the most recent 20 pics.

4. New content for blog posts featuring my personal style with items from the store shot in my home.

5. Last but certainly not least, social media icons on the footer of every page to easily connect with us! If you don’t follow our “Pursona Girls Love to Eat” board on Pinterest, you’re going to want to go ahead and do that here.

Thank you for your patience while the blog was under construction. I definitely think it was worth the wait and am anxious to hear what you think! Leave me a comment of something you would like to see…you know I’m always up for something new!



Thank you for the comment. I can't wait to read it personally and respond!

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