Handbag Of The Week

Instead of doing the Shoe Of The Week, I thought I’d change it up and do a Handbag Of The Week. I’m all about fringe, so it’s only natural that I gravitate towards Navajo inspired bags. How lucky am I, and you, that it’s all the rage right now. I like a bag that can carry my entire life at the moment or just a few things. So I am going with the “Nena”.

nena street level handbag

The print is the first thing that gets me going on this bag, followed by the size. I was pleasantly surprised by how lightweight this bag is. As much as I’m going to put in this bag, it’s a bonus to start off weighing nothing. This bag carries an iPad as well as my water bottles, wallet, phone, make up bag, folders and still makes me look on point. It does have a longer strap for when I want to be hands free.

Picture yourself carrying this beauty while wearing chunky sweaters, leggings and booties. Ahhhh I die.

We have other Navajo inspired bags on the site too and since backpacks seem to be a popular trend right now, we got you covered there too.Don’t think you have to be in school for this trend. Back packs are great for travel and a good substitute for your cross body. Go ahead hot momma, give it a try. You’ll be feeling youthful before long!



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