You know they say everything comes back around and that’s why you shouldn’t ever throw anything out. Well I agree except that go ahead and throw it out. The newer version is always better! Ha!

Of course there are several exceptions. If you’ve had it in your closet for YEARS and I mean YEARS, it’s probably a good time to purge. And then hey, now you’ve got room to splurge. So with that being said, classic pumps are making a comeback in a big way. No, they technically never left, but benched until further notice. Yes, I know those flatforms and sandals were oh so comfy. I get it. I even bought some birkenstocks for some summer comfort. However, there is no shoe that can ever rival the classic pump. It takes you from sales presentations to date night. It’s versatile and always classy. In honor of these oldie but goodies making a comeback, I’m giving you my favs from the store.

The Dolce Vita Oaklee. The color is pure perfection. It’s bright, but promise it’s a neutral. Think brown, black, mustard, green, ivory. I can keep going. The heel height is not to high so it’s completely manageable for an all day affair.

dolce vita oaklee pump

The Chinese Laundry Cambri. This is an updated version of a classic, but a hell of a lot sexier.

chinese laundry cambri

The Vince Camuto Goldie. This is the classic, go-to! If you don’t have it in your closet, you are buying it now. Every woman must have the Goldie. You will need this at some point in your life and you know it.

vince camuto goldie black pump

The Chinese Laundry by Kristin Cavallari Copertina Pump.I don’t care what anyone says, this is the BEST pump in the business. I‘ll put it up against any designer pump. It looks high end without the price tag. The side cut is flattering and the heel is surprisingly comfortable. We keep getting it in every color. The leopard is by far my favorite, of course, followed by a close second in pink.

chinese laundry copertina pink pump

chinese laundry gray pump



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