Earring Trend

There is a new trend going around and it’s wearing one earring. What do you guys think?


Honestly, every time I see a celebrity wearing one earring, I automatically think, oh no she dropped one! I’m kind of confused actually. What’s the purpose?


Trends don’t necessarily have to have a purpose, but I feel they have to at least make sense. The wedge sneaker, for example, I did not like at all, but understood it. With so much emphasis on causal wear and transitioning from yoga to dinner with ease, I get why the wedge sneaker appealed to some. The one earring thing, not so much. Don’t you look at yourself in the mirror and say oops, I forgot to put one in? I can even understand the 2 different earrings. When you wear an ear cuff, I can see where you might think it’s too much for both ears so you rock a stud in the other ear, but to not wear one at all?


Yeah, I don’t get it. If anyone disagrees, has a different point of view or an explanation, please tell me. I would LOVE to be educated! Thanks!



2 thoughts on “Earring Trend

  1. I hate to admit this, my friends and I used to be guilty of this trend when we were in high school…….. 80’s!! I had this long gold fish I wore in one ear and would wear a a couple small earrings in the other ear. I really think it started because we lost an earring but didn’t want to stop wearing the remaining one!! All I know is my mother hated it! She hated my fish and one day it “disappeared”!! She will be THRILLED to know this trend has returned. Hmmmm, wonder if she’ll give me back my fish?!? 🙂


    1. LOL!! I doubt it, but needs to. It’s vintage now. Ha! I’m glad you agree about the losing one earring. It’s just a little off for me. Thanks for your comment. I love hearing from you! xoxo


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