Lust List

Now that the season is changing, well the fashion season that is (it’s still blazing outside), I have my eyes on several things for fall.


I absolutely love the fall. I recently decided that I think fall is my season when it comes to dressing. Every morning when I’m getting ready, I always want to layer up and put on a flannel shirt, scarf and amazing boots. I like to layer things. All my brain is coming up with is fall outfits. Even lightweight sweaters with cutoff shorts and booties are still too hot to be worn right now. Ugh! It will be here soon enough. So in honor of my impatience, I am sharing what I am currently craving right now. Some of them just may make it into my cart and into my closet. I’m that ready! Ha!


I love jeans and these are going to be my new favorites. I apologize in advance for wearing them so many times that you have to ask yourself if I own anything else.


After discovering this brand several years ago I now have so many of these shirts that it’s a real problem. Hey the first step is admitting it, isn’t it? I even bought new ones the beginning of July. That’s right. These shirts are so soft they make every other plaid flannel shirt, well that, every OTHER.


This jacket is EVERYTHING and will actually stay in my cart forever. I can save all my lunch money and eat ramen for several months, but I guarantee it will be gone. Who is buying this stuff?  “Help me I’m poor” comes to mind. LOL. I am obsessed with this brand. They’re holy shirts are some of my favorites for layering and looking “cool”.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 5.11.18 PM

I know what you’re thinking. How many boots is this girl lusting over? Well I just can’t help myself. I love the way this one is cut low and is flattering on my short self. If it works on short and stubby, it works on me and I will rock it til the cows come home. I have a feeling this will end up being my shoe of the week.



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