Robin Williams

Robin Williams dead at age 63. How many of us were saddened by this news? Television programs and social media news feeds were saturated with outpouring support and emotion for this once in a lifetime actor. It’s amazing how you could be so sad about someone dying that you have never even met.


I’ll tell you why I was so sad. When I think about my childhood, I think about all these movies that made me laugh, cry, think and overall entertain me. These movies all had one thing in common, Robin. I can still remember my mom watching Ms. Doubtfire EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for months. It was such a great movie. How about my all-time favorite, Patch Adams. I LOVED that movie and ever since then have been compelled to help people who can’t help themselves.   He wasn’t one of those actors that made movies just to make movies. Every movie he was in actually meant something and actually made an impact. He’s an actor that every living generation can tell you who he is.


I remember when John and I saw him in Vegas for one of his shows. It was packed out and you can be sure everyone left with a stomachache from laughing so hard. I’m sadden to think that he brought so much joy to our lives and yet he had none of his own. Depression takes people to another place. It really is so sad.


Good morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, Hook, Aladdin, Dead Poets Society, Jumanji, What Dreams May Come, Jack, Popeye, and of course I could keep going. One of those touched you in some sort of way. From serious to comedy to kids, he did it all and each one of us was impacted by his humor. Humor that is now forever gone and will never be replaced.


In memory of Robin, let’s all take the time to call our loved ones or someone who you’ve been thinking about, but may not have reached out to, and let them know they are loved and how much they mean to you. It could mean the difference. Rest in peace Robin. We are all going to miss you.



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