Shoe of the Week: Matisse Cowboy

My pick for the Shoe Of The Week is the Cowboy by Matisse. Matisse is one of my favorite brands for several reasons.


One, their selection is always on point. I love a brand that gives you many options that you have a hard time picking. They’re that fabulous.


Two, their quality is unbeatable. The product is always well made.


Three, their staff is the nicest, sweetest, easiest bunch of folks to work with. They back their shoes AND their customers. I love brands that work as a team.


When I saw the “Cowboy” at market, I almost died. Yes, boots are my thing but when you have tons of boots, it’s got to stand out to actually make the cut. I was hesisitant at first because of the price. Not that I don’t think it’s worth it, because I know shoes and they are, but I was worried you guys wouldn’t think so.


The color is divine, the leather is tough at first, but that’s how you want it. That way it ends up molding and giving to YOUR foot.


This one can literally be worn with ANYTHING. Shorts, jeans, dresses and leggings. The side of the boot is ridiculous. The studs and dip make it so flattering on ANY leg shape. I’m pretty in tune with that since I have a “shapely” calf. Ha!

Untitled design (71)

Moral of the story: This boot is totally worth the investment! You’ll thank me later. Ha! Preorder yours today by leaving a comment below with your shoe size and email address. We will get in touch with you for payment and shipping arrangements.



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