Instagram Investigation

Is it just me or do you guys fee like the whole world is going nude? Are we as a society accepting things that should be deemed unacceptable? I know that I’m a self-proclaimed goody goody but I’m also pretty objective. So here’s my “pretty objective” opinion about the whole celebrity stance on nudity being allowed on instagram.


I, for one, stand behind insta on this one. I feel that private parts are to remain private. Isn’t that why we call them private parts? Rumor Willis, daughter to Bruce Willis and Demi Moore was recently photographed topless in NYC and her caption was something like “It’s legal in NYC, but not on instagram”. Let me tell you, I don’t want to see your boobs in the city or on instagram.


They take this stance and say they’re doing it for a greater good like women with breast cancer who had a mastectomy and have scars. They say it’s their right to post these pics of their battle wounds.


I’m a breast cancer survivor and had a double mastectomy, I have scars and I don’t need Rumer Willis to fight this unnecessary battle for me. I don’t want mine nor to see anyone else’s either. No, it’s not because I’m shy about it because let me tell you, you don’t survive breast cancer without everyone and their mother seeing and touching your boobs. Hell, I’m about 7 seconds away from joining a wet t-shirt contest. Just kidding. You get my drift. Rihanna, of course, has thrown her 2 cents in for whatever it’s worth and joined the crusade.



Well of course she has. She recently showed up to an awards ceremony naked. I say naked because it was a sheer “dress” that was nude, flesh color that left nothing to the imagination. So distasteful. Save it for the bedroom Riri.


I don’t have any kids right now but how in the world can I raise kids in a world where public nudity is acceptable? I think the human body is beautiful and amazing but that doesn’t mean we need to see it all over instagram just because RUMER Willis and Rihanna think so. In a world where celebrities tell US how we should think, I THINK that we can THINK on our own with this one. Duh! What are your thoughts?



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