Bathing Suit Tip

Ok ladies and gents. It’s tip time. I give you this tip because I myself thought I had dodged a bullet when in fact I had done no such thing.


All summer I haven’t had to be in a bathing suit with any group of people besides my family and those times were few and far between because most of the time I kept my cover up on to mask the gut I was going to have after devouring my mother’s amazing cooking. So with all that being said, the time had come to put on a bathing suit because I was heading to the Hamptons fro the very first time and our first stop was going to be an all day beach party. So a few weeks before I was feeling confident with myself because I had been working out, playing soccer, eating clean, you know the deal.


Then, on one Sunday afternoon, John and I decided to test out my new doughnut float and I went confidently into my closet to put on a bathing suit and float the afternoon away. What was to be a carefree day with my husband quickly turned into sheer panic and plan B mode. It was the first time I really saw myself this summer. All I could say was “ OUCH”. Was this really my body? None, and I repeat, none of my bathing suits fit me. I probably have 20 suits or more. I was hanging over and let’s not talk about the back of my legs. Eeesh! All those times I was happy it rained at the beach or it was colder on our Mediterranean vacay than anticipated so I wouldn’t have to be in the judgment zone all came back to bite me in the ass. Literally. You see, when I didn’t have to put on a suit, I graciously accepted dessert and had beer instead of wine.


So here’s your tip. Don’t celebrate not having to be in a bathing suit. It’s the only article of clothing you own that does not lie. Every other article of clothing camouflages, not your bathing suit. It hides nada. It’s like that quote that says your bathing suit says go to the gyms while your sweatpants says nah girl, you’re good! Ha! So every season, whether you’re going to wear it or not, put your suit on. You’ll thank yourself later.




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