Too Many Instagrams

Warning: This is a personal opinion. Please do NOT get mad at me. Does anyone else get annoyed when an Instagram account posts several pictures in a row?


I hate to be that picky, but to me, Instagram is for one picture. PERIOD. In an hour or so, post another. If you want to post several pictures at a time, I feel that’s where facebook comes in. It drives me absolutely bonkers when an account has literally posted like 5 pictures in a row.


I’m even going to call out the celebs. Beyonce, whom I adore and LOVE, even does this. Well, I don’t know if she does it or her PR, but either way, STOP!

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 5.01.37 PM

I also need to know the rules of social media. Do I or do I not respond to a snap chat? What makes a good Instagram post? I see bloggers post a picture of a lady bug and it gets over 10,000 likes. We put thought into our post and try to be creative to get a mere 50 likes. WTH?

photo (6)

How do you get more followers? We hashtag the crap out of pictures too. Is facebook out or do people still like it? In a world with all these social media outlets, what are the acceptable ones and what are the rules? Can someone please help an old lady out? (One that didn’t grow up in the social media network?) Ha!



Thank you for the comment. I can't wait to read it personally and respond!

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