Birkenstock Trend

There’s always that one trend that you say you’re not going to do but somehow or another you end up doing it. For me, it’s the Birkenstock trend. Yeah I said it. Birkenstocks.

birkenstocks blog

I was at my hair salon right before I got a pair and admitted to going down this ridiculous road. I am always talking about how old I’m getting and how I can’t shop at Free People anymore because it’s too young. Now I have to admit I’m wearing comfort shoes. Ouch! I gathered my courage and made this grand announcement to about 7 ladies. Here I would hear firsthand what people are thinking about the trend. So I got myself together and said, “I think I’m going to buy a pair of Birkenstocks.” Much to my surprise, no one objected. I even had a stylist say how comfortable they are. I quickly told her, “ Honey, that’s not why I’m getting them.” Ha! Sure the comfort is the bonus but I’m getting them because after countless bloggers that I stalk have been strolling around in them, they finally, well, grew on me.


I am wearing BIRKENSTOCKS. Me. I even told my husband years ago to get rid of his raggedy old pair. When I was telling him the trend of comfort shoes making their way, and that included Birkenstocks, before he could even say anything, I immediately shouted NO. I knew where he was going. He wanted to buy a pair. All these years of hard work couldn’t be undone. I would know when to stop wearing them. John would keep wearing them years after their expiration date. He was with me when I bought a pair or two so I couldn’t deny him his own pair. I’m not that mean. He had to promise right then and there, however, that when I say he can’t wear them anymore, he has to listen. Ha! Hey, I’m helping him out too. I don’t want him to look out of place or anything. He’ll thank me later for always looking out for him. Haha!


What trends have you caved to?




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