Sunday Funday

Have I ever told you guys why I love Sundays?

photo (41)

It’s easy.  Back when I first opened my store, I wouldn’t dare take a day off.  It took me months before I even left the store and when I did, I couldn’t enjoy myself.  I had my phone hidden under my leg or in my coat pocket.  I constantly called the store to check in and see what was happening.  I didn’t know how to text back then but I assure you that I still would have called.  So Sundays were my only day off and I would sit on my butt in sweats or t-shirts and waste the day away.  I would be so exhausted both mentally and physically that the only thing that could get me off my butt was either a soccer game or food.  We used to have a women’s soccer league that I played in on Sunday’s and there was nothing I enjoyed more.  It never matter the temptations of the first of Spring, the fall air, or those not so tempting brutal heat waves, unless I was out of town, I was there.  Sundays were a day for my hubby and I to catch up.  We would sleep in, correction I would sleep in, while he went running.


By the time he got back, I had just finished brushing my teeth and making the bed.  Ha!  We would go eat our favorite Thai House.

photo (39)

We’d come home and maybe take a walk with the dogs or maybe just watch whatever was on TV.  Golf, tennis, soccer, Kards. From lunch until my game, I would sit on my butt. There was a time I would run on Sunday mornings but that was long before I worked 6 days a week.  Yep, those were the days.  From then on, I have always loved Sundays.  It is by far my most favorite day of the week.


The best part of Sundays are of course no makeup and not thinking about what I’m going to wear.  Even though I love fashion and getting dressed everyday, I love the days where I can just relax and not have to think about anything.  Now I pretty much do the same thing except instead of soccer (sad we don’t have the league anymore), I go to the grocery store. Ha!  Happy Sunday! What is your favorite day of the week?



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