Shoe of the Week

I think sometimes when we are debating on whether or not to buy shoes, we are hesitant because we feel we can’t wear them with more than one thing.  Our minds get so cluttered that we pass on an item that can be a staple in our closet.  So I’ve decided to select my favorite shoe of the week and show you guys how you can wear it more than one way.  Sometimes I will show you me in all the outfits and sometimes I will show you other people who have bought the shoe.  Look, I’m with you.  I occasionally need a second set of eyes to give me a clear vision.  I’m here to help a sista out.  I hope you guys find this helpful and as always, come by or call with any outfit questions.  All of us at the store love to style.

The shoe of the week is the Dolce Vita Jersey.  This shoe is perfect for summer.  It’s a wedge but a heel.  It’s neutral and so comfy.  I will always tell you what is comfortable.  We work on concrete floors for 8 hours.  So if it doesn’t pass our 8 hour test, we won’t tell you it’s comfortable.  Period.  This shoe is comfortable.  I also love that is different from most wedges.  The unique heel is, well, unique and the color goes with everything.  It’s casual enough to wear with jeans, but can be worn with a dress.  In the South, we stay warm for so long you can even wear it into the fall.  I love shoes that don’t have a time frame.

On this day I just wanted to be comfortable.  So I took a basic white t-shirt and my favorite jeans, threw on a hat, necklace and the dolce vita’s and called it a day.  I was comfortable yet on trend.  The shoes never failed me.  By the time I got home my feet were not barking at me.  Ha!

photo (37)

Here we have a customer, who also works at a boutique, that needed comfortable shoes to wear with a ton of stuff.  She came over, bought these, and left the store in this dress wearing the shoes.  You know it’s a good shoe when they are worn out of the store. Ha!




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