Paddle Board Yoga

I truly love going to work everyday because of the fabulous ladies I work with.  They honestly can turn my frown upside down. Ha!  No, but seriously, the ladies that I have had the pleasure of working with are the reason I miss being at work.  They are not only my employees, but my friends.  We work so closely together that we know each other probably better than most people know us.  You know you truly like each other when you want to do things “outside” of work.  It’s no wonder that even girls that worked here before still keep in touch and not only stop by and hang out, but go to dinner or lunch or whatever. So since we are always talking fitness and food around here and chatting about the latest and greatest, we decided to try out Paddle Board Yoga.

photo 5

I did it once last year and LOVED it so I was all for going with the gang.  Paddle Board Yoga is a good workout yet it’s such a calming experience.  Well it’s supposed to be, but with this group “calm” is not a word we quite understand.  Even before we went, we were taking bets on who would fall in or who would look the most ridiculous.  I mean let’s face it, it’s us and any opportunity to make fun of each other and call each other out is so welcomed.  I will not point fingers on who fell in first, but I will say if you know us, you can probably guess who made a splash or two. Ha!

photo 3

I will have to give it to our instructor Katie Jacobson.  I have taken yoga from her several times and really enjoy her classes.  She’s always so encouraging yet challenging.  Last time I took Paddle Board Yoga, I didn’t fall nor get in the water.  I made it my mission not to fall in.  I didn’t want to “fail” let alone get in the dirty water.  This time, if a certain someone fell in the water, I found myself encouraging her.  I said, that’s ok, now you’ll be more relaxed to try things.  Little did I know that our amazing instructor would encourage us to do the same.  After she told us to do “Down Dog” she then told us to “flip our dog”.  In regular yoga, I know what this means, but in Paddle Board Yoga I was so confused.  Did she mean flip into the water?  She sure did.  So one by one we all “fell” into the water.  She knew exactly what she was doing and I am so grateful she did.

photo 3 copy

After that I would try things that I never would have done if she hadn’t.  For example, I am not great at headstands on land let alone on a paddleboard, yet I tried it.  Several times in fact.  Sure I fell every time, but I didn’t care.  I was more than happy to push my body.  Katie taught us a valuable lesson that day.  She taught us not to take ourselves to seriously ESP in paddle board yoga.  We can all honestly say we haven’t had that much fun in quite a while.

photo 2 copy

Thanks Katie for pushing us out of our comfort zone and letting us know it’s ok to fall.  A good lesson in life as well.  We were treated to an amazing sunset too.  How often do we slow down enough catch the sun going down?

photo 1 copy

All in all it was so much fun and we belly laughed like no other.  Afterwards we went to dinner, reenacted the dramatics and scheduled our next outing.  I love these girls and without them, life wouldn’t be complete.  On a serious note, if you haven’t tried Paddle Board Yoga, you must!  If we have it in Columbus, GA, I know it’s offered in other cities too.  Katie Jacobson is such a great instructor and really knows her stuff. If only I could have her rockin bod.  Thanks Katie!  We couldn’t have done it without you.  (Literally! Haha) We will be back and promise to be as much fun as we were last time.

photo 2



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