Bent by Courtney

You guys know I’m a sucker for good jewelry.  I scour the internet, boutiques, markets and festivals to find unique and wearable jewelry.  Little did I know I didn’t have to look very far.  No literally, like in my own store.  As it turns out I had precious, sweet, loving girl working for me that made jewelry.  She started working for me in high school and did so off and on thru college.  Courtney Akers started her jewelry line because as most high schoolers and college goers alike, they have little expendable income.  So what’s a girl to do on a small budget yet wants to stay in fashion and on trend? Well for Courtney it was a no brainer.  When she first showed me her stuff I said “Girl, you have GOT to sell this stuff!”  She said “Really?”  I said, “REALLY!!!!”  So she took my advice and started selling to me, her close friends and another store in Athens, GA.  Word got around about Courtney’s stuff and her business began to expand.  What once was a side business to help pay the bills has turned into a full blown career.  Bent by Courtney is now in over 40 boutiques all over the country and growing.  I couldn’t be happier or more proud of this young lady.  I not only call her a friend, but think of her as my little sister.  To see her accomplish such a phenomenal goal is something anyone can appreciate.  Head over to or to see everything she has to offer.  Her collection is constantly changing so check it often.  Also, don’t see what you like?  No problem.  She makes custom jewelry too.  Who doesn’t like one of a kind pieces?  I know I do! Enjoy and you’re welcome.  Ha!




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