Wizarding World Harry Potter

One memory that will never leave my mind is going to Crooked Creek Ranch in 2011 with my YoungLife group. Crooked Creek is a YL camp located in Colorado and it is a 2.5 day bus ride from Columbus, GA. Now, what would you do on this bus ride? Well, our group was joined by a group from Macon and they just so happened to bring all Harry Potter movies made to that day. Now if I wasn’t already glued to the television every time ABC Family played a Harry Potter marathon is a different story. I remember going to sleep watching one movie and waking up to the ending credits! Haha.


Harry has always been one of my favorites. I don’t know if you’ve heard but Universal Studios now has HARRY POTTER LAND! Like what? The park opened Harry Potter Land on July 9 and I can’t help but plan my next trip with a visit to my dream land!

diagon alley

Of course, I had to do some research on the mysterious land. First off, the layout looks exactly like Diagon Ally from the movie series. There is even a fire breathing dragon on top of the Gringott’s Widarding Bank! Not only are there seven shops to buy your wizard gear, there are some store fronts that include breathtaking costumes worn in the actual movies. If that isn’t cool enough, you can also buy an interactive wand that can make trolls dance, turn lights on and off, and much more.


Now I do have some cons… First off, the price to see both parts of Harry Potter land is approximately $136 because you have to buy tickets to both Universal Studio parks. Second, there is only one ride within this part of the park; Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts.


Now I’m not going to lie, the price does scare me but I consider myself a little obsessive over the Wizarding World Harry Potter. I think just going and being able to experience the theatrics and imagination used to create this mysterious world would be an experience of its own! One thing I know for sure is that I WILL be going to check it out and when I do, I’m going to wear the most comfortable shoes in my closet… The Cam!

harry potter


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