Everybody’s Posing Nude

Everybody’s posing nude.  At least that’s what it seems like.  The latest to join the crowd is Britney Spears, Adam Levine, and Marge Simpson sporting their birthday suit and now America’s favorite trainer (and mine), Jillian Michaels.  In the new July/August issue of Shape Magazine, she bares all and shows us just how good she really looks.  Why do you think celebrities pose nude?  That’s a question I always ask myself when I see another one in a magazine.  I will say I always feel like it’s done tastefully.  I understand the ones that do it for a cause like the “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign. (Unfortunately not my motto.  Although I’m crazy obsessed with animals and never want them to be mistreated.) However, the others, what is their reasoning?  Is it to show us how crazy good their bodies are?  We know that and if I got paid to look that good I would.  Now there’s an idea.


Seeking: Employment where wages are paid for hot body.  Not only payment in dollars, but also peanut butter cookies for a job well done.  What to be expected from employer: Personal chef that meets all diet restrictions including making said peanut butter cookies taste like the real thing while only containing 10 calories per cookie.


Well geez that doesn’t sound so bad.  After years of hard work and it finally paying off I too will pose for a magazine because I will be so happy not to be fat and so pleased with my results I will show it off to anyone who is willing to look.  I have to admit that when seeing the pictures of the nude celebs it makes me run a tad bit harder and pass on the breadbasket at dinner. I personally cannot wait to pick up the shape magazine with Jillian in it.  I already run to an old Self Magazine with Jillian on the cover and looking at her mid drif keeps me on that treadmill longer than I originally intend to so I can’t imagine what her in the buff is going to do to me.  Ha!  Thanks for the motivation Jill.  You have no idea how obsessed I am with you.  Don’t worry, I won’t stalk you or break into your house or anything.  But if you do want to come train me I wouldn’t be mad about it.  Ha!



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