World Cup 2014

GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLL!  It’s finally here after 4 long years.  The World Cup!  You know those crazy, weird, fanatical fans?  Yup, that’s me.  I may or may not have downloaded the FIFA world cup app and watch ESPN live so I wouldn’t miss a game.  And I may or may not have watched a few in my office while pretending to be working on my blog! Ha!  I love soccer.  No like really.  I love it so much.  I always joke that on game days I can’t go to dinner, movies, whatever, due to my professional soccer career.  I honestly have the best memories of my life from this amazing sport.


It’s so interesting to me how the whole world gets into soccer, yet Americans are not that big into the sport.  I’ve had so many people ask me over the years how I watch or play it.  They say it’s so boring.  BORING?  What’s boring about it?  Are you watching soccer or Nascar?  Yeah I said it.  I’ve never understood Nascar.  Sitting in one spot for hours on end watching the cars go in circles 500 times. Why wouldn’t you just watch the last 3 laps to see who wins?  They tell me I have to go to a race to understand.  That may be the case.  I don’t know.


Soccer is unlike any other sport.  There are no time outs, rain delays, or halftime shows; just two 45 mins halves. The ball handling is really unbelievable.  They say soccer players are the most competitive, especially with themselves.  I will have to say that’s true from personal experience, but cannot confirm with certainty.  I’m not saying other sports aren’t competitive or they don’t have incredible discipline as soccer players, or that I don’t like other sports.  I’m actually a sports fanatic.  I love American football, tennis and watch the NBA finals like it’s my job.  I’m just saying soccer is by far the sport that makes my heart go pitter patter.  The idea of going to a world cup game gives me the same pleasure as a fat kid eating cake.  Ha! (me being the fat kid)  Johnny D and I looked into going to the finals this year in Rio and let me tell you, I would have had to sell my kidney and someone told me I may need that later.  Otherwise we would have gone.  Hell, is the beach available?  I hear half of Argentina drove up without tickets to Rio and slept on the beach.  The idea of sand up my butt wasn’t that appealing so we decided to sit this one out.  That’s how crazy the rest of the world gets.


The first round of games proved that this world cup was going to be unlike any other.  The first seeded and defending champs, Spain, got their butts handed to them in their first game and the United States won their first game in the group people are calling the “ group of death”.  Group of death includes Ghana, (who we lost to in the last world cup that caused us to be eliminated.  Payback!), Portugal (who also lost their first game to Germany 4-0.  Portugal is seeded top 5.), and Germany.  All that in just the first round of play.  That’s the thing with soccer.  You never know what is going to happen.  There are days you can’t buy a goal no matter how talented you are.   You should hear me screaming and yelling during those games.  I also get chill bumps and teary eyed when I see such good sportsmanship from the players.  Easy, I’m a sucker for niceness and I never said that just because I’m a tomboy doesn’t mean I’m not an emotional Puerto Rican GIRL.  If you think I’m fanatical, you should hear stories from around the world.  Unlike the United States, the rest of the world shuts down to watch these games.  I can compare it to the Super Bowl, but then I would have to put it on steroids times 1000.  That’s how much the World Cup means.  It’s like a religion to some.  Chile apparently is the country that gets the least amount of work done during the weeks of play.  Hey, I feel ’em.  I wish I could bail and watch every game.  I look forward to seeing how this tournament pans out.  It’s already been so dramatic.  I will probably go into a deep depression when it’s all over.  Thank God Wimbeldon will be on after this.  It will at least give me something competitive to watch.  Ha!




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