Fabulous At Any Age

If there is one thing about my job that I absolutely love, it’s styling customers. Whether a customer is looking to complete the look at their next event or wanting to spice up their everyday wardrobe, I look forward to meeting the challenge and needs of every customer and finding something that works for them. With that being said, one thing that I absolutely cannot handle is a customer telling me they are “Too old to wear trendy shoes, ” “I can’t pull that off,” or “You’re young, you can wear fun things.” These statements are ABSOLUTELY not true! Nothing fires me up more than someone who isn’t willing to try something outside of the box because they feel like they are too old, young, boring, etc. You CAN wear fun, trendy shoes and you CAN look fabulous at ANY AGE! When it comes to shoes, it’s all about what you pair them with. A woman in her 40’s or 50’s is not going to wear the shoes with the same thing a 20 year old would. In my past five years of working in retail, I have learned that the most basic pieces are instantly transformed into a chic, trendy outfit with the right accessories. Here are a few ways to pull off the latest trends for every age.

For all of our twenty something’s trying to pull off the hottest crop top trend, keep proportion in mind and pair with high waisted skirts or pants and add chunky platform heels to keep it casual.

20's outfit

A jumpsuit is both comfortable and chic. Add pops of color with our pink pumps and lime straw clutch and you’re ready for a night on the town!

30's outfit

Don’t be afraid to show some leg and pair dresses with booties! Pairing a sleeved wrap dress with a peep toe bootie in a skin tone complimenting hue will make your legs look fabulous without revealing too much skin.

40's outfit

Fifty is the new thirty, people! AKA- you can still have fun with your clothes and shoes, without stepping too far from your comfort zone. These low, strappy wedges are the perfect mix of comfort and style. Pair with printed ankle trousers and an embellished top for an after 5:00event.

50's outfit

For customers wanting versatility and practicality, look no further than this closet staple black heel. An ankle strap balances the comfortable, chunky heel making them a go-to for all of your events. I love them with classic ankle pants and a long, printed cardigan for a day to night look.

60's outfit

Regardless of age, balance is key to pulling off any trend. The first step at transforming your look is being open-minded to trying new things. We are always here to offer our advice about how to pull them off in a way that fits your lifestyle. If you’re in the mood to break out of your norm, stop by the store and try on a few pairs of shoes. You never know, you may be surprised with what you walk out with.

Not local, shop all of the above accessories here.



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