Happy Father’s Day!

Dad.  The most common person you hear is absent from a child’s life.  So on top of the fact that I consider myself lucky to have my dad, I feel extra lucky that he WANTED to be part of my life.

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I also feel very lucky that my dad was very worldly.  It’s because of him that I travel.  It’s because of him that I try new foods and never shy away from a new adventure.  He’s the first to get sign up for the zip line and the last to shut the party down.  Well, that is until he retired.  LOL.

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I remember one time while I was in college and my parents practically kidnapped my stressed out self and took me to Cancun.  What I remember most from that trip is that I wanted to sleep in, meanwhile, my dad had different intentions.  After he got out of the shower, he spoke so fast and was out the door I was like what?  My mom said “ He said hurry up and get some breakfast in your belly so you can start on the pina coladas”.  Or something like that.  Later we were on a sailboat with some other people and he and another older man were the life of the party.  They were dancing and singing and having the best time.  That’s how I picture my dad.  The life of the party and full of life.

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He is the reason I am the way I am.  I’m a thrill seeker, an adventure junkie.  I want to see all parts of the world and not necessarily in nice resorts.  I want to see and talk to the people.  I want to truly see how the rest of the world lives.  My dad always wanted us to have the best.  If we saw something we wanted, he wanted to buy it for us even if we couldn’t afford it.  He always wanted to please us and wanted us to be happy.

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He was, however, the disciplinarian so I also feared him at times.  I remember I could talk back to my mom (even though I shouldn’t), but not my dad.  No way Jose.  He would slap me faster than I could say uncle.  I liked the fact that my dad was tough.  If he wasn’t, who knows where I would be or how I would have turned out.

photo 3 copy

Thanks Dad, for always being tough and showing me there’s more to life than my surroundings.  You taught me to not judge based on race or nationality and that everyone is different.  Thanks for your support always.  Even when you wouldn’t let me major in Visual Merchandising because you were afraid I wouldn’t get a job, you were the first to put together shelves and help me move into Pursona.  I am beyond blessed to have been loved so much by my parents.  Happy Father’s Day Daddy!  I love you so much.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. You don’t know how happy you have made me feel with your kind words; those words brought tears to my eyes. I am thankful to the Almighty for having both you and your brother in my life and for the way you two turned out. I am really a blessed father. God bless you. I love you.


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